Our story began more than 100 years ago.

Córdoba & Morales dates back to 1906 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, in the region of Vuelta Abajo, where Célestina Córdoba y Morales, my grandmother and childhood best friend, was born. At a very young age, she learned from her ancestors the family secrets in the tobacco fields, everything from sowing the seeds to making an unparalleled and superior cigar. My grandmother passed away in 1989 at 83 years of age. She didn’t leave us, but instead inspired and taught us hands-on how to follow the family tradition. More importantly, she cultivated in all of uss a love for cigars.Celestina (1 of 1)

Twenty-two years have passed, and it’s taken my immediate family about 17 years to get out of Cuba. We all came at different times, but now that we are all together, we still haven’t forgotten the promise we made to our grandmother: to make a cigar worthy of carrying the family name. And now, the dream has become a reality.

The primary goal of Córdoba & Morales and our family is that when you light up one of our cigars, it will be the beginning of a long and pleasurable relationship – one that will last a lifetime – between you, the cigar connoisseur, and us. We hope that you will enjoy our Cuban family tradition, with a touch of modern perfection.